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business measures

The driving force behind Lavery McGlynn’s business measures is Catherine Lavery. Catherine has spent much of her professional life honing her Business Intelligence (BI) skills by helping some of Scotland’s biggest brands achieve even bigger things.

For over 30 years, she has worked with organisations across the UK and Europe, using BI tools and technology to help them make use of their data to inform their decision-making. Catherine established and managed SAS Institute in Scotland before moving to senior management positions in two of the UK’s best-known consulting companies; Real Time Engineering and then Newell & Budge.

Catherine’s extensive experience in BI has shown her that having relevant measures in place is critical for business success. Recently, through collaboration with Stacey Barr Pty, creator of the PuMP® Performance Measurement Framework, Catherine has been further developing her expertise in the measurement aspects of Performance Management. Now, by combining her knowledge of PuMP® with her BI skills and experience, Catherine is helping companies to engage their people, and set meaningful measures that help to ensure that the desired results are delivered.

As the UK’s licensed PuMP® practitioner, Catherine now works as a consultant for the private and public sector, collaborating with organisations to implement performance measurement frameworks that help them focus on what really matters to their business.

business measures

We take the information you have about your business out of data and transform it to help you inform decisions for change.

The PuMP® Performance Measurement Framework takes you from choosing the right measurements to achieving them.

We can analyse any data from current business measures for and use it to find the target points for improvement.

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