From Guessing, to Knowing, and then to Performing

ebblTo make a measurable impact, Executives need to master evidence-based leadership. Create a high-performance culture, and measurable success by ensuring that your leaders know how strategy impacts their organisation’s performance.

To be convincing, the impact of a strategy has to be measurable, but all too often, strategy has no measurable impact. It’s all too common for leaders to struggle to measure and prove the impact of strategy in their organisation because:

  1. Strategy is hard to measure meaningfully – it is so broad and intangible.
  2. Strategic initiatives and improvement projects don’t show direct contribution to strategy.
  3. Staff at all levels are not engaged in aligning their results to the corporate strategy.

Evidence-based leaders know what to focus on, what to monitor and what to leverage to move the organisation from guessing, to knowing, and then to performing . It’s not about how to lead. It’s about what to lead.

The Evidence Based Leadership workshop was developed by Stacey Barr, founder of the PuMP® Performance Measurement Blueprint workshop. We cover the three leadership habits of high-performance that Executives need to practise and master:

  1. Direction: setting a measurable strategy
  2. Evidence: meaningfully measuring what matters
  3. Execution: executing strategy through leverage

And the three organisational habits of high-performance that Executives embed and support:

  1. Decision: everyone owning the strategy
  2. Action: everyone getting the right things done
  3. Learning: everyone turning failure into success

Evidence Based Leadership workshop format:

1. Evidence Based Leadership is how we create a high-performance culture and measurable success.
Evidence Based Leadership (EBL) gives a practical framework to ease the tension of transparency and accountability and create the culture that can learn, strive and achieve high performance.

2. High-performance rests on the foundation of a measurable strategy.
Direction is about articulating a well-designed strategy, that is results-oriented, understandable to everyone, and ruthlessly prioritised.

3. Proper measurement is the gravity that holds EBL together.
Evidence is about setting meaningful performance measures for each strategic goal, that are quantitative, aligned to what matters, and focused on improvement.

4. High-performance is defined by high-leverage results.
Execution is about getting the corporate strategy implemented and the strategic goals achieved, using the leverage found in continuous improvement of business processes.

5. A culture of high-performance begins with ownership.
Inspiring decision is all about helping people take ownership for the results that matter, by role-modelling ownership, getting their buy-in and giving them a clear line of sight to the corporate strategy.

6. A high-performance culture is obsessed about continually closing performance gaps.
Inspiring action is about helping people get the right things done to close performance gaps, through a focus on cause analysis, practicality and collaboration.

7. The competitive edge of high-performance organisations is the speed at which they test and tune.
Inspiring learning is about helping people find the fastest and cheapest way to close performance gaps, by adopting an experimental mindset, learning from failure, and iterating to success.

8. Summary
A review of the framework that’ll enable you to become an evidence based leader and build a high-performance organisation.

Find out more about the EBL workshop, and sign up here.




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