The approach that Lavery McGlynn takes is based on 35+ years of working with many different organisations.  It is essentially a ‘team’ approach where we work with you and we each bring different skills, knowledge and expertise. You know your organisation – how it operates and what it wants to achieve and Lavery McGlynn brings the experience to turn your knowledge into action.

Lavery McGlynn will work with you through a series of Labs to help you develop your own skill set in each the 3 areas – Planning, Measuring and Monitoring.  The Labs can be either face to face or run remotely.  Each Lab is independent but can be treated as part of a complete programme.

Within each Lab there are 2 phases:


The purpose of this phase is to assess what is currently in place and determine its use going forward.  In many instances much work has previously taken place and we do not want to completely ignore that.  Through the Review phase, the ‘team’ will determine what can be used and what needs to be further designed/developed.


In this phase, using the results of the Review phase, we will work with you to produce the Strategic/Operational Plan, Meaningful Measures or Actionable Reports.  For this to be successful it will be critical that:

  • Everyone has the same understanding of the vision of the organisation
  • For an operational plan, everyone within a particular team is clear on where and how the team contributes to the achievement of the vision
  • The measures developed will be 100% relied upon to tell you that you are on target to achieve the particular goal
  • Existing, “interesting” reports will be removed and replaced with reports that will work for you, enabling you to take the appropriate actions when needed.
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