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Many organisations overload on metrics from the advanced analytics that are now so readily available to them, but the best performing companies choose only meaningful measurements. They build their success on a foundation of continuous improvement, designing strategies to help them achieve their goals. The key to their success lies in measuring what matters. Find out more about our Business Intelligence Services.

Business Intelligence Services

We help our clients to find out what is important to their business, and to design meaningful measures. Only after goals are established and strategies to deliver the desired results are agreed, should measures be designed. Throughout the stages, staff are involved in the process. It’s critical for them to know why they do what they do, as well as knowing what it is they do. By knowing what the goals mean, they can understand how they contribute to achieving them. We accomplish this engagement through the PuMP® Performance Measurement Framework.


We take the information you have about your business out of data and transform it to help you inform decisions for change.

The PuMP® Performance Measurement Framework takes you from choosing the right measurements to achieving them.

We can analyse any data from current measures for your business and use it to find the target points for improvement.

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