Business Intelligence

In the last few years, digital technology has made it easier and cheaper for organisations to collect more data than ever before. Data volumes are expected to continue to grow by up to 60% every year across all sectors, and by up to 120% in areas such as financial services.

By capturing the right data and analysing it properly, businesses will gain a clear advantage over their competitors. We can use your business data to help you better understand your customers, improve your processes, identify new markets, and model ‘what if’ scenarios.

BI Strategy

Working closely with our clients we can find out as much about their business as possible, and offer a unique, professional perspective on their processes and strategy.

BI Software and Technology

At Lavery McGlynn we let you benefit from our experience. After decades as Business Analysts in the UK, we bring our extensive knowledge and skills of Business Intelligence software and tools, and advise you on the range of options and technologies available to you.

BI Implementation

Building relationships with our clients, we can offer realistic, and practical solutions for Business Performance Improvement, and see them through to full implementation. Our end-to-end approach helps to ensure that the changes are successful, and sustainable.

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We take the information you have about your business out of data and transform it to help you inform decisions for change.

The PuMP® Performance Measurement Framework takes you from choosing the right measurements to achieving them.

We can analyse any data from current measures for your business and use it to find the target points for improvement.

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