PuMP® – the Performance Measurement Framework

PuMP® offers a proven way to engage people in measuring what matters, and to drive transformation in the performance of any organisation or business. The PuMP® techniques make it easy to gain buy-in from all teams and get them to use the measures to fundamentally change and as a result, improve performance.

The PuMP® Performance Measure Framework was created and developed by Stacey Barr, the Performance Measure Specialist. Visit the official PuMP® website to find out more.

Our practitioner, Catherine Lavery, is the UK’s Licensed PuMP® Consultant.

What can PuMP® change for my business?

By using this performance measurement approach, you can:

  • Have a measurable strategy that people buy into
  • Choose meaningful performance measures
  • Create insightful, actionable reports
  • Get enthusiastic involvement from your team
  • Change measurement from reaction to transformation

The Eight Steps

  1. Understanding Measurement’s Purpose
  2. Mapping Measurable Results
  3. Designing Meaningful Measures
  4. Building Buy-in to Measures
  5. Implementing Measures
  6. Reporting Performance Measures
  7. Interpreting signals from Measures
  8. Reaching Performance Targets

To find out more about the PuMP ® methodology and how it can help you,

please get in touch

Our Partners – Rubica

Rubica Change & Analytics is a certified PuMP partner for the UK & Europe.

Rubica is a change management consultancy that delivers organisational change programmes designed to strengthen an organisation and its people.

Rubica is committed to delivery successful change programmes, that is why they underpin all their work with intelligent performance measures (PuMP) that focus that change so it delivers the right outcomes.

Find out more about Rubica Change & Analytics at www.rubica.co.uk

We take the information you have about your business out of data and transform it to help you inform decisions for change.

The PuMP® Performance Measurement Framework takes you from choosing the right measurements to achieving them.

We can analyse any data from current measures for your business and use it to find the target points for improvement.



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